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Pick A Side: Money or sex: which can a relationship really do without?

If one of these two important things is to be dropped from your relationship, which would you give up? Why do guys like sex so much, women would ask. And as retort, men would often ask: why do women like money and material things so much? On and on goes the debate between both genders when relationship issues are being …

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Meet this incredible girl who has six King Cobra best friends

For most people, snakes are probably the scariest type of pet they could ever have. Even just the mere sight of a snake can already make them run for their lives. But still, there are a few brave souls who choose to have snakes as their pets. One of them is this little girl from India who is now dubbed …

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Obafemi Awolowo University: OAU suspends 6 students after admitting they are cult members

The six students reportedly confessed to the police that they are cult members. The authorities of Obafemi Awolowo University have suspended six students after confirming they belong to a secret cult. The suspension of the students came over forty days after the university management was informed that two students were being forced to join a cult group against their will. …

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