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Agony of expensive darkness; episode 1.

Agony of expensive darkness In June 2016, the Ajao estate community was thrown into complete darkness for more than three weeks. Families could neither preserve any kind of perishable foodstuff nor do laundry or any other electricity related chores. Sleeping at night was a nightmare, watching of television became a luxury one could not afford. Relaxation centers lost patronage because …

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Surely Lifted Logistics 2019 Annual Children’s Day Party.

It was a remarkable children’s day on Monday 27th of May 2019 for children living in Oshodi Isolo axis of Lagos state as they were treated to an overwhelming funfair by the management and staff of Surely Lifted Logistics. Dancing competition with Mickey Mouse The Children’s day party which is an annual event was held at the international headquarters of …

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Let’s talk about electricity in Nigeria

Introduction Nigerians are usually peaceful and fun loving people who are slow to aggression towards injustice but when certain circumstances become a deliberate mockery of their ignorance and docility, they unite with the inborn doggedness of the collective will to prevail.     These ugly crucial and exclusive series of events which have been unfolding over the years are real …

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