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Police causes accident while extorting commuters in Onitsha.

The video you’re about to see is a sad event which occurred in Onitsha, Anambra state. Policemen deployed to Dangote cement Depot left their duty post, mounted roadblock and started extorting motorists, okada (motorcycle) and Keke (tricycle) riders. They forcefully stopped a Keke rider without caring that there was a tipper truck behind the Keke rider. Within a twinkle of the eye, the tipper crushed the keke, killed a pregnant woman and mother of two kids.

This led to a reaction by the mob and the policemen went into hiding. I wonder when Nigerian Police will learn the true nature of their job. This is a two part video so the concluding part will come up in the next post. Thanks for keeping up with Zizi


  1. That is cold but wait oo! What is happening to the police men? Have they been reprimanded?

  2. This is really sad.

  3. Some people can sha like to speak big big English sha…..lol

  4. Nigerian police na wah oo

  5. Nigerian police needs a complete reform, they need to change the way they train the police officers, increase salary stuff like that. Changing the uniform doesn’t mean they have changed.

  6. Its so sad what the nigerian police has turned into, if u ask me i would suggest they are immediately disbanded and let opc, bakassi, ipob and otherregional and ethnic militia take over their function, we can even go into negotiations with boko haram to provide security in the north east, i bet they would do a better job than this blood thirsty, pathological criminals in uniform called nigerian police, who place value on twenty naira above human lives.

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